Compass Learning

Compass Learning is an educational software certified by the US government, used by over 20,000 schools in America. It is developed by a professional team of professors from various fields, and also certified by the NCLB. Compass Learning provides a totally immersed English learning environment - including listening, speaking, reading, and writing - which suits Taiwanese students extremely well.

Compass Learning Website

Reading Wonders Online

Reading Wonders is the first American teaching kit based on the Common Core State Standard. Its rich online resources give students opportunities to practice listening and speaking when they login on web. Besides, there are over hundreds of readers of different levels, video clips, interesting online learning games and interactive exercises. It not only gives a chance for parents to accompany students to learn, but also increases the motivation of students in learning English.

Reading Wonders Website


ILTP Futuristic Concept Learning Curve

The school follows ILTP, a complete advancing course from Grade 3 to 8. It is to enroot children's language abilities especially on spelling, pronunciation, grammar and reading comprehension aspects. ILTP has combined ACT system. Starting from Grade 3, every student has to pass ACT examination in order to advance.