American Curriculum

A child at 3-6 year of age is the critical period for acquiring language. Our kindergarten course is based on building children's speaking and listening abilities. By adopting the “Whole Language Approach", implemented with imported US textbooks, students will be given a spiral drilling on their skills.

U.S. Kindergarten Courses

In order to achieve a balanced development physically and mentally our kindergarten consists of the following courses.

  • English Language
  • Children's Songs
  • Numbers
  • Science for Beginners
  • Health Education
  • Life Education
  • Visual Arts
  • Moral Education
  • Music & Dance
  • Child's Motor Skills Development.



Bilingual, bi-cultural, and unique western cultural activities like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Speech Contest, Drama, Plays and etc...

Physical Endurance

Many intriguing exercises and games for the children to extend their experience and creativity. Courses and Sense Coordinating, Gymnastics, Disciplines, Outdoor Activities, Field Trips and more.

American School Kindergarten Class